Steel Frame House

 Steel Framing Products

IDEAL Fasteners specialise in the steel frame industry and actively maintain close working relationships with steel frame manufacturers, suppliers and home builders.

IDEAL are committed to making building with steel frames an attractive, competitive option and the first choice for home builders.

Our constant product development has delivered innovative, time and labour saving products including our patented BulletS™, GrubMates™ and Self-Drilling Bolt™ bracing strap tensioners which demonstrate how IDEAL's problem solving expertise provides ongoing benefits to the industry as a whole.

Metal Roof Domestic

Roofing, Cladding & Fencing Products

IDEAL Fasteners is a 100% Australian owned and operated family company with a family history of involvement in the fastening industry in Australia dating back over 100 years to 1917.

Throughout this proud history the family have always been committed to innovation and the highest levels of quality and were the first to introduce self-drilling roofing and cladding screws in Australia.

This tradition lives on today with our high service levels and our extensive range of high quality RoofMates®, SteelMates® and TimberMates® roofing, cladding and fencing products.

Block 3 IQAS Lab

State of the Art Laboratory

Ideal Fasteners high level of quality for our products is maintained through our Quality Assurance program, IQAS (Ideal Quality Assurance System).

Specifications are set for all aspects involved in the manufacturing processes and we work with only the highest quality manufacturers to ensure these goals are achieved.

Ongoing testing during manufacturing is complemented with further extensive testing in our own state of the art laboratory to ensure that our products are of a consistently high quality level and that our screws meet or exceed all relevant Australian and International Standards.

Welcome to Ideal Fasteners

IDEAL Fasteners is an Australian owned and operated business that commenced in 1992 and carries on a proud family tradition in the fastenings industry that dates back to 1917.

Today the company is a leading manufacturer and importer of self-drilling screws, also supplying a wide range of building, construction and industrial fasteners and accessory products.

A member of the National Association of Steel Framed Housing and leading industry associations, IDEAL Fasteners is recognized by the industry as being the foremost company in terms of innovation, expertise, product quality and high levels of service.